About Us


Welcome to PAWAKOM Ltd, your dedicated specialist in renewable energy products. Our expertise in this niche market sector empowers us to share knowledge and provide effective solutions to both existing and potential customers.


What We Do?

As specialists in the field of renewable energy, we concentrate our efforts on ground and air source Heat Pumps, allowing us to deliver in-depth knowledge and superior service.


We use innovative technology to enable Geothermal Energy exploration


We are focused on building solar farms ranging from 50 MW to 300+ MW


Being among the windiest countries, we are taking advantage of this natural asset

ETHICAL Sourcing

We source support whenever needed,showcasing our ethical sourcing

Workshop on geothermal development in Africa

UNIDO(United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) is implementing the programme “Generating energy capacity from geothermal power generation and its related technologies for sustainable development.

Our Testimonial

It's an honor working with our clients and we are pleased that this is some of the great feedback we get..
I can tell you with great certainty that they were the ONLY competent company out there with which I had dealt with. I felt so confident in my choice, I hired them on the spot.
Despite many changes throughout the project, PAWAKOM team was always willing, flexible, and able to satisfy the needs and requests of our client, and still perform on time and on budget.
If you are looking for an honest contractor who stands by his work and his word, and one that has the expertise to get the job done right, then I would highly recommend PAWAKOM.

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